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Boys grow up with the imagery of Superheroes racing around in their minds.  They connect with them, they pretend to be them, and as they imagine their future they believe they can BE a Superhero.  Perhaps boys can all become Superheroes, in their own way.  Boys connect to superheroes because they identify with positive male role models, heroes who display courage in standing for something positive while helping others.  This hero spirit should live with boys forever, never to be lost!  HERO Boys™ learn to run, learn to challenge themselves and set goals, learn to discover to the talents and strengths existing inside of them that make them unique, and learn to lead, set the example, and help others.  To be a HERO.

whY boys & why heroes?

The idea of challenging boys physically, through running, provides the ideal backdrop for the lessons delivered during HERO Boys™.  Character is revealed through demanding physical challenges and HERO Boys™ are given the opportunity to become a leader, a role model who sets a positive example through his actions and behavior among his peers.  Will he lead with a positive attitude and not talk down to others?  Will he give his best effort, set a high standard, never cut a corner, and encourage the same of his peers?

whY RUnning?

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